About Us

Modern Romance is a place where all women can shop to make themselves feel confident and beautiful. We want women to be comfortable in their own skin and what they put on their body. Whether it be curated jewelry or that cozy set you’ve been eyeing. Modern Romance’s brand stems from having a self-love with oneself. We are a strong community that is welcoming of everyone. We are connected by supporting one another, having fun together and our love of fashion. Our goal is to inspire you and celebrate the Modern Romance that exists around us all.

Modern Romance was founded in 2020 by me, Megan Cuculich! Growing up one of my favorite activities was playing dress up. It’s something that we all have to do every day in the morning whether we are staying at home or going out with friends or to work. When I started Modern Romance, my goal was to create a place where women of all ages can have fun shopping and find clothes that make them feel beautiful. 

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